We Are Simsport Racing

Simsport Racing is founded on friendship and respect.

All the members of the admin team are firm friends with a passion for sim racing and helping others. We do this because we want to provide one the friendliest, fairest and  exciting communities around.
Below you can find out a little more about the awesome team

Steve Proudley

Founder Member

Steve Proudley moved from console racing to pc, he started Simsport Racing as a Facebook community on 1st November 2016. The intention was to gain and share knowledge regarding sim racing software and hardware, also to enjoy some racing with like minded people. Steve is now also commentating on the live streams of the league races.

Stephen Haley

Server manager

Stephen Haley joined SSR in the early days after racing with Steve and Chris in other groups servers, after some discussions SSR started to rent servers and host its own races and championships from 2017. Steve is still working very hard keeping all the servers running smoothly so everyone else can enjoy the racing. Steve has an amazing eye for detail, in the Assetto Corsa days he was responsible for designing a lot of car skins and also updating all the servers with the correct skin files. Steve is willing to help anyone who wants to be helped (although he can be grumpy), he has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with anyone willing to listen.

Gavin Uttley

IT Manager

Gavin Uttley joined the team again after racing in another group and it wasn’t long before he was offering help and advice with technical issues. It became very clear from early on that Gav knew his stuff, so he was invited on board the admin team. Gav is the man behind the scenes ensuring everything technical works as we want it to work, not always how it was designed to work. I wish I could tell you a lot more about the things Gav does, but honestly I don’t understand a lot of what he does do, its all too technical for me (everyone should have a Gav)

Aaron Walker

Server Manager

Aaron Walker joined SSR to race like everyone else, he quickly became one of the regulars at most fun races and championship rounds. After a few months and several discussions Aaron was invited to join the admin team. Aaron has an attention to detail which is proving invaluable when organising races, championships and a large community such as SSR. He is an essential part of the team helping Steve with servers and supporting all other admin with daily tasks when required. Aarons role is now Server management with Steve Haley

Dave Hedges

Digital media manager

Dave Hedges joined SSR and proved his worth on the track, while being a very active member off track also. He was always ready to question ideas and suggest alternatives, he is very rarely shy in expressing his opinions. Dave has been given the role of design and digital art manager, responsible for the posters and video production

Alex Goldschmidt

The Voice of SImsport

Alex established himself in Europe as one of the more prominent voices heard in karting, and when lockdown occurred, he also made the transition to sim racing to not only keep his skills sharp, but also look at increasing his knowledge of how motorsport has evolved since March with multiple competitions. Alex is also proud to be a part of the ever-expanding community here at SSR, and is pleased that his voice has been part and parcel of how we have evolved, and enjoys working alongside Steve on commentary for both GT3 and GT4 broadcasts. Alex has cemented his place within the Simsport community as the voice of Simsport.