Steve Proudley

Steve is one of the founding members of Simsport and keeps the rest of the team in check!

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Stephen Haley
Captain Querk/steevee

Stephen is one Simsports graphical wizards and helps produce Simsport's graphics and team/league car skins.

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Gavin Uttley
Technical doodah

Gav looks after the more technical side of simport in provisioning the tools and technology to ensure we offer the best experience possible

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Christopher Pinchbeck
The Pinch miester

Chris, another founding member of Simsport, organizes events and helps bring the rainbow.

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Immanuel Vinke
Professional gravel trap hunter

Immanuel is a professional driver and currently races in the Blancpain series for Walkenhorst Motorsport, driving a BMW M6 GT3.

Timo Ha

Timo is a talented modder and runs his own modding group, as well as helping with Simport graphics and website.

Morten Velds
Token Viking

When Morten's around, things are just betterer!