Welcome to Simport Racing, an online PC based sim racing community. We pride ourselves on being a community of fun, friendly and like minded individuals with that one common focus; to race fast, to race fair and enjoy competitive close racing.

We host many different events regularly and will always aim to make them as accessible to our drivers as we possibly can. From short sprint fun events to long endurance races, team and individual racing leagues, with full concise rules and a fair penalty and points system.

We run and monitor our own dedicated servers for events and we also provide an always live public server for people to come and race with us, meet the team and drivers and hopefully join our community of events. Whether you’re a novice or an “alien”, we have drivers from across the globe of all abilities and provide a place for you to enjoy competitive clean racing.

Our latest venture is a fully live streamed GT3 series, with 10 rounds, 30+ drivers using Assetto Corsa Competizione. If you would like more information for this you are more than welcome to join the community, see here.



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